Don’t you just LOVE December!? We certainly do.

Sure, it’s one of the craziest, busiest times of the year, but that’s part of it’s charm too.

The hustle + bustle of the holidays makes the salon feel alive with energy. We love the shopping, the twinkling lights, the crisp feeling in the air.  But, #Collectively, (see what we did there?), our favorite parts of Christmas are the moments spent with family + friends.

It’s nice to take some time to just be in the moment with those closest to us.  So today, to kick off The Collective’s 12 Days of Christmas, where we will count down to Christmas Eve with you through fun holiday suggestions + festive tips over on our Instagram account, we wanted to suggest that you SLOW DOWN for a minute & just enjoy your people.



Lindsie graciously opened up her home & offered up her children, Everett + Copeland, as test subjects in a simple DIY activity- to prove that it’s really good for all ages.

With just a few household supplies:

  • String
  • Needle + Scissors (this WILL require adult supervision)
  • Popcorn
  • Cranberries
  • A box of stale cheerios
  • Craft paper
  • Adhesive letters

The kids got right to work- Everett making patterns, Copeland making crumbs… (it’s FINE as long as everyone enjoys themselves, right?!)


The kids (and adults) had such a great time, Everett said MULTIPLE times how much fun it was, and from the sound of Copeland’s chewing, she had zero complaints as well.  Lindsie loved how the garland looked on both her tree and over the mantle, vowing to make more garlands after the blog project was complete!



We hope that you will take our advice & spend some time enjoying a similar activity with your loved ones, and if you do- would you mind tagging us with #TCToDoList so that we can join in on your fun?!




Stay tuned over the next 12 days to see even more holiday fun, local things to do, and even a few favorite holiday memories from the stylists!

Thanks you guys, & Merry Christmas from everyone at The Collective @Click!