Think about some of the stories that you’ve heard, when someone truly deserving finally gets to live their dreams. What do stories like these usually all have in common?  In my experience, a lot of them go something like this…

Someone has a BIG dream. This is something they live for, something that makes them want to get up in the morning.

They spend most of their time thoughtfully planning, pre-meditating obstacles, goal-setting, and anxiously waiting for that one moment-when they can finally take it from just an idea on paper-to a real life, full-time situation.

Somewhere along the way, a seemingly random bit of serendipity causes the entire plan to fall perfectly into place.  All of the sudden, it’s no longer just “the dream”.  It IS real life.  And it seems to happen quickly and oftentimes, unapologetically.

Luckily, these successful and quickly labeled,  “lucky”,  folks have been preparing for this, so naturally they jump at the opportunity.

I mean, based on what I have seen and heard, this is usually how it happens.  That’s the narrative.

And it’s exactly what has happened to Beth.

Beth had been holding on to the idea for owning a salon called ,”The Collective”, which would be a group of creatives coming together in the local community, for a pretty long time.  And, since timing is literally EVERYTHING, she was given the opportunity to take the idea and make it a reality when she met with Melissa at Click.



Melissa had been dreaming as well, about trying out something new and eventually being able to be closer to her family.  And that’s where the bit of serendipity comes in.  Within days of mentioning their individual dreams to the same mutual friend, who recognized how one could benefit the other, the plan was set into motion.



Friends, it is my pleasure to formally introduce Beth Doyle as Owner / Stylist of The Collective at Click Salon.  I know Beth is so excited to continue to foster the creative atmosphere in Birmingham through The Collective, joining together with other passionate locals to celebrate all of the amazing things that are happening in our city.  Please join me in congratulating her on being one of those success stories.  She’s someone who took her dream, put it on paper and then made it her REAL LIFE.

Way to go Beth!! We can’t wait to see what amazing things come from The Collective at Click!


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