We get it, life is hectic.

Work, school, soccer practice, dance recitals, dinner, drinks with friends, homework, SLEEP.  It’s tough trying to get it ALL done.   And then, in the midst of all of this, you look up one day and there are PUMPKINS… everywhere.

It’s like as soon as everyone finally figures out and settles into their fall schedule, once everything starts to even out- there is ONE MORE THING you have to figure out.

What are you going to be for Halloween?!!

And like we said, WE GET IT.  Halloween is a holiday where you probably fall into one of two categories.

  1. You totally get into it and have been planning your costume since last Halloween or
  2. You’re like us- and it literally didn’t even occur to you until about five minutes ago…

This post is for the latter.

We realize that a lot of folks procrastinate and end up throwing together something last minute, (if you even get off of the sofa and stop watching Hocus Pocus at all).  We like you because most of us ARE you.

Armed with $5 (total) and a little imagination, we came up with 3 different ideas for last minute “costumes” for the busy people of the world. You can do all of these yourself for very little money + most importantly, very little time.

Steph H created a modern Bride of Frankenstein on Taylor, it’s super glamorous + a little creepy.

She started by curling the hair to give it some body and sprayed the heck out of it with texture spray.  She teased it from the bottom to the top, focusing more at the root on the crown.  Then she pulled back the sides and pinned them into place- although not too tightly to protect the volume.  The white streaks in her hair are those spider web decorations!!  She pinned those into a smaller section underneath and then sprayed the entire thing for a strong hold.  Taylor kept her makeup simple + added a red lip, then we used a regular black eyeliner to draw on her “stitches”.



Lindsie created a Victorian Ghost on Steph G.

She started by spraying a finishing spray to thicken the hair, then curled it with a curling wand.  She sprayed the roots white with a can of white hair coloring (found at Target for ONE DOLLAR), then teased the whole top of her head and sides above the ears.  She then pinned random sections loosely around the head.  The trick was to use HAIR PINS not bobby pins to keep the hold loose and relaxed, vs tight and well-kept.  Steph has clearly just crawled out of her own grave and grave-head is 1 million times worse than bed-head.

Lindsie finished by pinning some of those same spider web decorations into the hair and finishing with a hairspray.  Steph did her own makeup, starting with a white base and adding black “contouring” in the cheek and under eye areas.  She used black eyeliner and a deep maroon eyeshadow to create deep bags under the eyes.  Then she put on a deep maroon lipstick, a little mascara and went over her entire face with the white makeup once again, (except for a small area in the center of the lips).  She then drew on mouth”stitches” with the black eyeliner.



For those of you who are non-committal, Lindsie decided to go for something a little more simple and elegant on Elizabeth.  We call this The Sophisticated Spider.

She started with texture spray to give the hair some grip, then curled her hair with the curling wand.  She pulled back one side with bobby pins, then used a few more bobby pins to secure a few plastic spider rings into place.  She used a little more texture spray to finish it off.  To complete the look, a cute little half spider web was drawn on her face just over her eye with a black eyeliner.  And, just like that, she’s done and ready to howl at the moon, or whatever…




See, it’s not so hard!  Hopefully, these looks give you some last minute Halloween ideas that you can do yourself. It’s amazing what a little drugstore makeup, a few random decorations, and some creativity with a hairstyle can do!!  Have fun this weekend everyone and please be SAFE.

Happy Halloween, from The Collective @Click Salon