At The Collective, one of our missions is to collaborate + support other local businesses. So of course, it was such a pleasure to get to meet + work with a local artist/maker, who has recently launched her own sort of collective.


Saramia is the creator of Rainy Day Birmingham.


We wanted to find out more about her business + the Rainy Day project so we could share it with you.   Here is that interview:



What exactly is Rainy Day Birmingham? Can you explain the mission behind the project?


Rainy Day Birmingham is a hand made retail collective and workshop space that aims to connect makers to their audience and strengthen the local handmade community. It’s a curated selection of handmade goods from home decor to pepper jelly to fine art to screen printed t-shirts. The workshop space allows makers of all varieties to teach others a bit about their trade so that the community of makers continues to expand.


What’s your background and what made you want to do something like Rainy Day?


I have a background in fine art with an emphasis on sculpture which evolved into a jewelry line. When I started to sell my pieces, I realized that platforms to do so were few and far between and I knew I wasn’t the only artist who felt that way. There are very limited platforms for artists to showcase their goods outside of seasonal craft fairs and special events so I want to create a space where people know they can find beautiful, quality hand made items while supporting local artisans year round.


How do you go about selecting artists + makers to curate?  Do you have any favorites
right now?


I’m always scouting out local markets to find artists that align with the Rainy Day aesthetic, so I usually find them in person. Instagram has been an amazing connector also. In fact, that’s how I found Modern Magic Macrame, one of the featured artists in the give away. Each one of the artists I pick are just so rad I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite! That being said, there is always a Bemele Candle burning in my house and I have multiple pieces from Dagger Fingers hanging on my walls.




Where do you set up shop + how can we BUY??


Currently I’m doing fun little pop ups at local businesses to spread the word and show off the artists that are under the Rainy Day Umbrella while I work on finding a permanent space. You can follow rainydaybham on instagram to find out when and where the next pop up will be and to know about shop progress!


What’s next for Rainy Day? 


The next step is to find the actual brick and mortar space. I’m very ready to be able to set up shop and do more for the artists I’m working with.




We are so excited to follow Saramia’s journey with Rainy Day + hope that you are as well.

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Saramia Arenas was born and raised in the South which has influenced her decision to keep Rainy Day Birmingham a collective of regional artists. She believes that you don’t have to go far to discover something wondrous.