So we all know that the humidity in the South does not play well with our hair.  That goes double if you’ve got any sort of wave or curl, and it’s extra frustrating when you have bangs.  The wet, warm weather can cause your fringe to go completely limp as soon as you walk out of the front door.


So, what can you do to arm your hair for the epic fight against humidity?


Karen tells us that the key is to use a good mix of products to protect the hair against styling + weather.  She says it’s sort of like painting a wall.


When you color your hair, you can actually create holes in the cuticle.  By using the right products, you can correct the porosity- it’s ability to hold moisture- by “spackling”, or filling in these holes.


To illustrate this, she shares her exact Oribe product mix + her process to creating voluminous, controlled hair + bangs, that can stand up against the elements.


One thing to point out, is that you def want to remove as much of the excess water as you can before getting started!!


Check out this video to see the rest!